Arrangement GRANDE

€39,95 €45,95
Farbe: Passion Red

Autentency with a touch of glamour.

This is our Arrangement GRANDE.

The characteristic edges are a homage to the french Haute-Couture designs of the early 1950s and impress with their minimalistic esprit.

Be amased by the roses that last for years

Yes, they are! We don´t use any artificial flowers etc. .

Our roses are conserved using a special, patented method. Thats why they keep their beauty up to 3 years.

Arrangement Grande:

dimensions: 10cm length x 10cm width x 13cm height
mass: ca. 500g
flowers: ca. 4

Our Flowerboxes are very easy to take care of. You do not have to water them. They feel best if you put them in a dry and shadow place at room temperature.

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