The Influencer-Set is the perfect start into a cooperation with us, because you get two flowerboxes for a special price to take pictures with. You will also be included in our program if you order only a single flowerbox, such as our Arrangement Petite or the Arrangement Grande. Just choose what you like most! :)

What happens after I have ordered?

As soon as we have received your order you will get your personal discount code which you can share with your followers. If 2 people have bought with this code you will receive more free products or a commission from us.

Furthermore we will admit you to our Influencer-Academy after your order.

>i>What is the Influencer Academy?

As soon as you are officially an Influencer with us we will admit you to our Influencer Academy. Here we will show you step by step how you can expand your reach and be successful on Instagram. In addition, you will be assigned a personal advisor who you can contact at any time if you have questions or problems, e.g. via Whatsapp.